Avatar Review


AvatarThere are those times when you thought you’ve seen the best movies of the year and then a film comes along and throws them all out of the competition. One of those times came when I saw Avatar. I have never seen a film that exceeded all my expectations. Welcome back James Cameron, where the hell have you been during these sad days of Michael Bay and Rob Cohen?



Simplified New Look


Well, yes. It’s another website redesign. I made it look simpler and more professional. I just thought my older design had a lot of unnecessary elements so I toned it down and I really wanted it to match with my current calling card. So far, I think this is the best design I’ve ever done so far for my site.


Julia’s 3rd Birthday Music Video


First off, Belated Happy Birthday again to my wonderful niece Julia! This is my first video coverage of a birthday party using my new Canon HV40. This is the music video that I edited using the footage from the party and I’ve got to say, I had a blast making it. The experience to putting together footage to the beat of the music (which is by Hannah Montana by the way) taught me a lot of things when it comes to covering a children’s birthday party. Anyway, enough of that, take a look at the music video and enjoy!

[flv:/Downloadables/Video/Julia_3rd_web.flv 500 281]

Adam and Conner: Canon HV40 Test Video


Hi guys! I’m happy to say that I have finally acquired my Canon Vixia HV40. What can I say about it? It’s awesome! I love all the controls and such. Most of all it’s HD and I can record in 24p! Let my video tell you how great the HV40 is. The clips were color corrected in Adobe Premiere. For a non-edited/color-corrected video visit  Adam and Conner on youtube!

Anyway, here’s the video!

[flv:/Downloadables/Video/HiDefDoggies.flv 480 368]