Meds and Chellie: I WON’T LET YOU GO [SDE]


Meds and Chellie: I WON'T LET YOU GO [SDE] from Jepster Togle Films on Vimeo.

Funny story about Meds and Chellie…

We met Meds when me and my wife (Fiance back then) were attending our weekend Pre-Cana. I was wondering why this guy kept looking our way yet he seemed so familiar.

Right after the "getting to know each other" session, Meds approached us and my hunches were right! He was one of the worship leaders at our church community at The Feast! And they were actually looking for a videographer!

Fast forward around almost a year later, Meds and Chellie finally tie the knot. After being 8 years together and a majority of those spent being apart (like New York and Philippines apart!), these two have fought the tides of hopelessness and despair and came up victorious through love!


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