Gilbert and Izza: God Gave Me You


Gilbert and Izza: God Gave Me You from Jepster Togle Films on Vimeo.

March 26, 2013
Ceremony and Reception: Lights of Love Events Place
Preparations: Astoria Plaza Hotel
Photography by: Mike and Mai Photography (
Events Styling and Catering by: K by Cunanan Catering

There’s a funny story regarding this wedding video. When Gilbert and Izza’s friend, Miles contacted us, we can’t seem to agree on a meeting schedule and a lot of factors entered the whole situation like typhoons and other issues that were beyond our control. Three months later, Miles contacted us once again for a meeting and finally we agreed on a meeting schedule. That was the first time we met Gilbert and Izza. During the meeting, I knew this wedding was going to be one of a kind. Gilbert and Izza had such great personalities and such a warm and fun aura around them during the meeting. We were glad that they said yes to us.

A few months later after the meeting, we had their E-session shoot. It was fun filled yet we knew they wanted it to be special and emotional as well. You can tell with their E-session Video below.

Gilbert and Izza: E-session from Jepster Togle Films on Vimeo.

(More fun can be seen from their photos! Take a look at their photos from Mike and Mai Photography!)

A few months later, the wedding day was coming closer and closer. It was raining each day before the wedding. It wouldn’t be a problem for some, but it was a Garden Wedding and it was entirely an open area. Everyone was hoping for a sunny weather. Everyone was PRAYING for a sunny weather. Especially Izza and Gilbert.

Then March 26, 2013 came. The Wedding Day finally came.

I was in tears. No, nothing went wrong. In fact, everything was perfect. The weather, the arrangements, the time, and most especially, the couple’s vows. Listening to their vows as I was editing their Same Day Edit video, I couldn’t help myself. I was in tears. Gilbert and Izza delivered their vows with all honesty, love and truly driven by God’s love. What defines a perfect love? A love that’s centered around God’s embrace.

Emotions filled the atmosphere as Gilbert and Izza delivered their vows. Smiles, tears, and laughter. Glibert and Izza, truly are God’s gift to each other and to everyone they know.


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